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Top European Resorts For A Romantic Getaway Vacation 

While Europe is undoubtedly one of the finest areas for holiday destinations, the diverse range of alternatives can make choosing the ideal resort for you a daunting task. The fact is, Europe is full of countries that offer the perfect holiday destination, fortunately with some careful research wherever you choose to go you shouldn`t be disappointed. For a starter, here are some of the best holiday in resorts.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday resorts in Europe is the Canary Islands. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a variety of islands including Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife or Las Palma, all of which have their own specific appeal. However, as far as perfect climates and glorious beaches are concerned there is little to choose between them.

Nonetheless, Tenerife remains the preferred choice for many. Located just off the west coast of Africa, this small island is hot and sunny virtually all year round -- that even includes during the winter. Alternatively, the secret caves and the volcanic rocks and craters make Lanzarote -- the fourth largest of the islands -- an equally impressive alternative. The weather here is also great all year round. Perfect for a romantic holiday in resorts.

For somewhere a little different, Croatia is always worth a visit. Situated between southern, central and eastern Europe this small country has plenty to offer in the way of all year round activities. For the pick of the cities here, Dubrovnik is hard to beat.

Many consider this to be the finest and most beautiful city on the planet. Indeed the range of cultural activities -- from art and theatre to music -- that are on offer all year round make this the ideal resort for all those culture vultures out there. Those with a taste for the great outdoors will not be disappointed either as the sea is clear and the hills are perfect for climbing.

Turkey is another alternative that has become increasingly popular among tourists. Aside from the extensive cultural history and mythology, exquisite food, hidden coves and glorious landscapes, the climate is ideal throughout the year. Situated just off the Aegean Sea, Turkey boasts a number of fine holiday resorts.

Calis, full of seemingly endless beaches and great restaurants, is perfect for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Alternatively, Istanbul -- the country`s most populous city -- is packed with both historical and cultural landmarks and sites.

Situated south of Turkey is Cyprus, another holiday favourite. Here there is literally something for everyone. For a relaxing holiday in resorts, choose from Protaras, Latchi or Polis, while the younger generation may prefer either Ayia Napa or Paphos. In addition, Cyprus is also a surprisingly good place for a winter break, offering plenty of opportunity for winter sports such as skiing.

Finally, Portugal`s Algarve is always a popular destination and one of the finest resorts here remains Albufeira. You can look forward to a combination of vibrant nightlife and pretty streets lined with some great looking churches. Because this resort is essentially split between the old town -- replete with cobbled streets and fine restaurants -- and the new town so full of nightclubs and trendy bars, it has become a popular destination for the young and old alike.