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Top 5 Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Any holiday to the Caribbean will surprise, intrigue and delight holidaymakers. Postcard-perfect beaches of white sand and crystal waters are a frequent reality in these islands. The beauty and ambience of the Caribbean has helped it become one of the world`s top cruise vacation destinations. But which locations offer the very best of the Caribbean romance? We take a look at the top five Caribbean cruise destinations.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a hugely popular cruise destination and with good reason. Found on the island of La Hispaniola, this mostly Spanish speaking country is famous for its historic colonial capital Santa Domingo. The mountainous landscape includes the highest and lowest points in the Caribbean.  The Dominican Republic is also home to no fewer than nine national parks.


Barbados is another top Caribbean destination. As well as offering a good dose of history and museums, it`s also famed for its white beaches and lush landscape. Barbados is an island which offers something for everyone, such as the capital Bridgetown, which is well developed and offers many modern amenities. The wild east coast has become rugged from the Atlantic and is a hot spot for surfing, whereas the south coast offers tranquil beach life.


It`s hard to imagine a cruise to the Caribbean without a visit to Jamaica. The epitome of laid back Caribbean life, Jamaica is the ultimate Caribbean destination to chill out and party. Visitors can choose between the vibrant and historic capital of Kingston and the serene and beautiful Montego Bay.


The Bahamas is a great Caribbean cruise destination. It is an archipelago of around 700 islands offering miles and miles of beautiful coastline. The Bahamas is famous for crystal clear and warm, shallow waters, the Bahamas have long been a top Caribbean destinations for visitors to the Caribbean for decades.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is yet another beautiful Caribbean island. This is the one to visit for holidaymakers interested in snorkelling and diving. The island has been popular with scuba divers for years now and it`s no surprise. The corals, reefs, sponges and sunken ships all help make the underwater world of St. Lucia a fascinating place to explore.

It`s certainly not easy to choose the best Caribbean cruise destinations.  The Caribbean is one part of the world, which is renowned for beauty and serenity. From the beaches of Barbados, the history of the Dominican Republic and the underwater treasures of St. Lucia, the Caribbean is a very special part of the world. Anyone looking to enjoy cheap cruise holidays to the Caribbean will not be disappointed whichever itineraries and Caribbean destinations they choose.