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The Complete Caribbean Cruise : Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean Cruise Vacation


The Caribbean is the top cruise destination.  This is not surprising as the Caribbean has so much to offer.  The Caribbean seas can be divided into the Eastern, Western and Soutern Caribbean.  The Eastern Caribbean cruise is very popular.  Not surprising as the many cruises offer a glimpse into the many historic islands with endless stretches of beautiful beaches. The western Caribbean seas is one place which one can explore the ancient Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula. The Southern Caribbean cruise is known for its many diving sites with coral reefs full of tropical fishes. Each part of the Caribbean seas is unique and offers exciting destinations for a great cruise vacation experience.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises: The 4 'S'. Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping


One of the favorite destinations in the Eastern Caribbean cruise route is St Maarten.  St. Maarten is known for its fantastic duty-free shopping.  The French and the Dutch divided the island and started settlements in 1648. They have lived amiably side by side ever since.  St. Maarten gained partial independence from the Dutch in 1954. The Netherlands Antilles still governs St. Maarten while St. Martin is part of the French West Indies.  St Maarten and St Martin is the world tiniest island shared between two countries. The sandy beaches on the island are among the most gorgeous in the Caribbean.   They are also a favorite with many nudists.


Western Caribbean Cruises: The Ancient Culture and Pure Adventure


The Western Caribbean cruise vacation is interesting because you get to explore a large number of countries and experience the varied cultures in these places. All within the same trip. This is ideal for those who want variety.  Some cruises offer stopovers at Key West and New Orleans.


Southern Caribbean Cruises: For the Young and Adventurous.


The Southern Caribbean cruises are specially marketed as romantic cruises for the singles.  It is not surprising as this part of the Caribbean is ideal for the young and adventurous.  There are many different activities for the young and the energetic. The Southern Caribbean is known for its crystal clear waters, which are ideal for snorkeling and diving. Physical activities are great for breaking the ice between strangers.  So it is ideal for the singles. There are also many fun shore excursion activities.  Many of the Southern Caribbean ports are striving areas of commerce.  There are also large tract of lush rain forests.  Some areas are playgrounds the rich and famous while others look like the Arizona desert, complete with towering Saguaro cacti.  These varied environments offer exciting opportunities for adventure.

The Southern Caribbean islands are generally further away and are not so accessible than the Eastern or Western Caribbean islands. If you intend to sail from the United States, you will need to plan for a longer cruise. Alternatively, if you can take a flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Aruba or Barbados and hope onto a Southern Caribbean cruise from these locations. The Southern Caribbean cruises from these places are shorter,  starting from 4 days.