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Romantic Winter Getaway Guide

The dark nights have drawn in, summer seems like a long, long way off and, once the frantic festive season has finished, you will definitely be feeling the need for a cosy romantic getaway holiday. But what are the best destinations for a romantic winter getaway?

Well that largely depends on whether you are after sun and sea or snow and ski.
Romantic Winter Getaway Ideas - Sunny Destinations

The perfect antidote to the winter blues has to be the feel of the sun on your face and, unless you are prepared to spend a few weeks in the local tanning salon, all that stands in your way is a few hours on an airplane.

The Canary Islands are possibly the closest destination to the UK that can guarantee winter sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20s. You could also try destinations such as Agadir and Marrakesh in Morocco or, if you prefer the Mediterranean, then Cyprus is always a popular destination.

Some travel agents also recommend Tunisia and, with a flight time of around two-and-a-half hours, this can seem like an appealing option. However, although hot and sunny in the summer months, Tunisia can get cold and windy between November and May and cannot be relied on as a sunny winter getaway destination.

For those wishing to go further afield (and spend more money), destinations such as the West Indies, the Seychelles, Cuba, Goa and some southern hemisphere destinations also offer great escapes for winter sun seekers.

Florida is also a great place to visit during the winter months as temperatures stay in the mid-20s and there is little risk of the heavy afternoon rain or extreme weather that can blight summer trips to the sunshine state.
Romantic Winter Ski Getaways
You may, on the other hand, want to escape the cold British weather as it just not cold enough...or not the right kind of cold! If this is the case then you`ll probably want to escape to the slopes and you generally do not have to travel quite so far for good skiing as you do for good sun.

Interlaken in Switzerland is one of Europe`s most traditional ski resorts and can be reached in just under three hours by airplane. Set at the foot of a trio of famous peaks, the Eiger, the Monarch and the Jungfrau, Interlaken has something for every skier and adrenaline junkie.

Other European ski destinations include Andorra, France, Norway and Eastern European countries such as Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Even closer to home are Cairngorm and Aviemore in Scotland which, when the snow is right, offer some of the best runs in Europe. However, being Britain, the snow, or even the right kind of snow, is far from guaranteed.

For those that prefer to get away from the Europe altogether then Banff in Canada, North Conway in New Hampshire and Sapporo in Japan all offer very different ski experiences.
So whether it is the sun you are seeking or if skiing is your First Choice, there are plenty of romantic winter getaway ideas and destinations to escape to this winter.