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Many people think of Paris when they think of a romantic getaway vacation. Ideas for a romantic getaway vacation are aplenty other than just strolling along Paris's street and sipping coffee at an open-air cafe.

Why not sail away on a romantic cruise vacation instead. You get to enjoy the romance of the sun, sand and the seas by going on a romantic cruise vacation. You get the combined thrill of a cruise with crisp sea breeze, world class entertainment, choice of great food and the many fun activities on board. Nowadays, cruise ships are packed with shipboard facilities such as miniature golf, rock climbing, water slides, video arcade, kids room, casino, spa and gym. You also get to visit interesting places at the various port of call.

You Get To Visit Several Destinations In A Single Cruise

Surely there are many places that you have always dreamt of visiting? Instead of having your vacation in a single location, you get to visit a few destinations in a single cruise. It depends on your itinerary of course. A typical 5 or 7-days cruise will bring you to at least 4 destinations. You can spend a day or so at each stop and explore.

Book A Cruise Tour Package

If you want more time to enjoy romantic strolls on a sandy beach and having a late night dinner by the sea with your romantic partner, you can book a cruise tour package. This combine a cruise with land tour package. You can choose to venture further inland to explore interesting attractions or stay at a beach resort to relax. At a beach resort, you have more time for a wide variety of activities both on land and in the water, such as bungy-jumping, horse-riding, canoeing, water-skiing and snorkelling.

A romantic cruise vacation is indeed a great idea for a romantic getaway vacation. Plan your romantic cruise vacation with your romantic partner. Agree on the stopovers and the things. It will also help in strengthening the romantic bond between you and your romantic partner. That is the whole idea of taking a cruise for your romantic getaway vacation.

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