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Renewing wedding vows provides an opportunity for married couples to revisit that special moment from the past and recommit their lives to one another. While a ceremony can take place anywhere, more couples are looking to enjoy this intimate moment together while on a sea cruise. A romantic cruise vacation is the perfect backdrop to say, "I Do," once again. Consider these tips when planning the exciting ceremony to renew your wedding vows at sea.
Choose A Suitable Location

One of the best things about a romantic cruise vacation is that there are so many destinations to choose from. Enjoy your time aboard the ship and when the time comes to pull into port, check out the different cities, sights and attractions. While the ceremony will be held on the ship, the vacation should be looked at as a second honeymoon. Consider a new and exciting location that neither one of you has visited before.

Get The Details And Check The Fine Print

After selecting a destination, look into different cruise ships to get more information about the ceremony. This will help you narrow down the options. There are so many different ways to handle a ceremony to renew wedding vows at sea. Each company does things a little differently. Some ships hold a large event for any couple that wants to participate in the ceremony. Everything is done together in a large group. Others provide a quiet and personalized ceremony for each couple in the Captain`s Quarters or other special location.

Check The Cost And Plan A Budget
Some romantic cruise vacations include vow renewal at no extra cost. Others charge a fee for the ceremony as well as some of the extras including cake, flowers, photos and wine or champagne. Find out how much the ceremony will cost. Remember, for most people this is a once in a lifetime experience. If it costs a little extra to get a quite dinner together before or after the ceremony, there is no better time to splurge.
Don`t just focus on the ceremony when it comes to adding benefits and amenities to your romantic cruise vacation. Arrange for larger accommodations or special dinners delivered to your room. Despite the cost, paying for a few "extras" can add to the trip and make it feel like a second honeymoon.

Make The Most Of The Romantic Cruise Trip

When planning a romantic cruise vacation and a ceremony to renew wedding vows, make plans to spend time together. Look into activities that the two of you might enjoy. This includes anything from quiet, relaxing massages to parasailing while visiting the mainland. Once the cruise package is booked, begin to research some of the activities that you would both enjoy.

A romantic cruise vacation is about making memories together. After renewing your vows, forget about everything else and just focus on each other for the next several days. Life is hectic and finding time alone is not always easy. Make the most of your time thinking about past special moments and making some new moments together as well.

If you plan to book your romantic cruise vacation outside of the country, check to see if you both will need Visas. If so, this will take a little extra time to arrange, so check your dates and make the arrangements accordingly. You don`t want anything to mess up this special cruise vacation!