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Planning for Your Caribbean Cruise Vacation
You must be looking forward to a romantic Caribbean cruise or some quality time with your family onboard a cruise liner.  Going on a Caribbean cruise vacation is the ideal way to relax and rejuvenate oneself while bonding with your loved ones at the same time.  A heady combination of the sun, sand and sea.  However, the seemingly perfect vacation can quickly turn into disaster if unexpected problems crop up.  So you should plan for your Caribbean cruise vacation properly. 


About Caribbean Cruises


The Caribbean seas offer a varied selection of experience.  The combination of scenery, culture, romance, fun and excitement make it a favorite destination for many cruise vacationers. The sunny climes, beautiful white sandy beaches and exotic local attractions is irresistable.
There are 3 main areas, which are serviced by the major cruise lines. Namely, the Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean and Southern Caribbean. The Western and Eastern Caribbean cruises are easily accessible from the United States.  You can also opt for a fly-cruise package for the Southern Caribbean.  You would need to decide on which area of the Caribbean you want your cruise vacation.  Each of these offer unique experiences.  There are still many hidden gems in the Caribbean.
Planning A Cruise Vacation


To plan for your cruise vacation, you should start by gathering information on the cruise packages and decide on a cruise destination and the right cruise package. Make sure that it is in line with the expection of your partner or family.  If you are travelling with young ones, assign some of these preparation or planning tasks to them.  Make them a part of the planning team. They will appreciate and learn from the responsibilities.  You should read up on traveller’s review, trip advisor posting, consult the cruise liner’s website and finally check in with your local travel agent.  Besides providing information for planning your cruise vacation, your local travel agent may be able to give you a special deal or a discounted package.  There is no harm asking for discounts and freebies as the cruise industry is highly competitive.  You may just land yourself a bargain cruise deal by asking your local travel agent about the latest deals.
Do note that cruise packages are often customised for certain segment such as romantic couples, families or corporate incentive travellers. So choose the right cruise package for your cruise holiday.


When planning a cruise vacation, you should buy an appropriate travel insurance to cover for lost luggage and other emergencies especially if you are making a connecting flight.  Lost luggage and missed flight is one sure way to derail your holiday plan before it even start.
Packing For A Cruise Vacation


Almost everything you need is provided or available onboard the cruise ships. However, it will be prudent to pack some emergency supply when planning your cruise vacation.  Be prepared for activities onboards the cruise ship as well as ashore. There may be formal dinner and ball that you would want to attend, so check on the detailed itinerary before packing for your cruise vacation. If you want to take the opportunity to go on adventure land excursions, pack appropriate gears such as hiking shoes.
See the suggest packing list on the right for planning a cruise vacation. 
Things To Pack For A Cruise Vacation
Valid passport with at least 6 months validity and appropriate visa.
Emergency cash
Credit card with PIN
Prescription medicine
Medication for minor ailment like headache, diarrhea and sea sickness
Bug spray
Sunscreen, moisturizer, hat and lip sun block
Photocopy of your passport
A separate photo ID such as a driving license
A list of emergency telephone numbers
Suitable clothing for all the port calls
Sporting gears
A reliable watch with dual time
An alarm clock (Let's not keep the ship waiting when departing port of call)
Rubber sole shoe for shipboard use
Extra batteries and memory cards for camera and stuff
Electrical charger and adapter
A small flashlight
Luggage lock
Duct tape (trust me. It will be useful if you over-shop