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Hidden Europe Vacation Destinations 

Whether you are looking for a secluded beach with aquamarine waves lapping at the shore or a rare mountain retreat without a soul to see you for miles, Europe offers vast stretches of unspoiled vacation destinations. Secluded from the rest of the world, off the beaten tourist trail and hidden from flocks of holidaymakers, here are some ideas on the best European vacation destinations that will provide you with total peace and relaxation.
The Highlands
One great idea for a secluded European vacation destination, is the Alps. You could choose to take up a private chalet during the summer season in the Alps, whether it be the French, Swiss or Italian side. Ski resorts are of course notoriously busy and buzzing with piste lovers and aprĨs ski partiers during the winter months, but don`t let this put you off. During the summer the mountain resorts become less overwhelmed, allowing you the opportunity to explore the vast region without adrenaline junkies cutting you up! The Alps in summer is a great place for outdoors enthusiasts who love a good hike and those who aren`t impartial to some spa action either.
The Italian Countryside
An Italian farmhouse overlooking terraces of vines can be the perfect retreat for a small group. Enjoy great food and good wine amidst the scenery that greeted Roman eyes, high above the towns and cities. Alternatively, exploring the mountains and Adriatic coastline around Dubrovnik will provide huge amounts of culture in a country that is still under the tourist radar.
Mediterranean Isles
Unspoiled Mediterranean islands are hard to come by these days, especially since the mass resort development throughout the Balearics, Costa Brava and Costa del Sol. However, bobbing quietly in the middle is the more demure island of Menorca, which, unlike its sister isle Majorca, has retained some of its old world charm and local culture.
Greek islands like Crete are also fortunate to enjoy hidden gems of holiday destinations. The southwest side of this island away from the party resorts to the north is made up of tiny coves of local tavernas and fishermen. A taxi ride down to Chora Sakfia will deposit you at a small town where you can catch the ferry to a number of even smaller coves with accommodation such as Loutro.
With freshly made feta cheese from the mountain goats surrounding these small locales and olives from ancient trees overlooking the restaurant terraces, holiday makers will feel like they have been transported back in time to a more relaxed era with nothing to focus on apart from the coming and going of the tide.
The United Kingdom

Despite being well explored, the UK has some of the most beautiful and historical hidden European vacation destinations. From tiny bed and breakfasts on the edge of Lake Windermere to golden sandy beaches on the Pembrokeshire coast, Great Britain has some great secrets to discover. Whether you want to explore the hidden back streets around Edinburgh castle or explore the wild moors of the Peak district, every part of the country is testament to its illustrious history.

To delve right into the heart of rural England with a taste of the beautiful coastline, head down to Devon in the southwest. Family resorts such as Park Resorts Bideford Bay Holiday Park make sure that all the family is catered for, with comfortable accommodation and a host of activities on your European vacation before you even begin to think about exploring the wider area.