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How to Get A Great Caribbean Cruise Deal


The Caribbean cruise vacation package is probably the best cruise vacation deal around.  It is easy to see why.  The romance of the exotic Caribbean combined with the convenience of a cruise holiday is hard to beat.  You can easily get a great Caribbean cruise deal if you look around. Cruise vacations have become very popular in recent years. A cruise is really a great idea for a holiday. You can get everything you need in one neat package such as accommodation, meals and entertainment.  Add the romance and adventure of the Caribbean seas, the combination is irresistable.
Normally, it is a good idea to plan months ahead for a vacation. Here is a tip, to get the best Caribbean cruise deal; you should book as late as possible. Why? Here is how it works out for the late bookings. There are many Caribbean cruise ships in operation at any time of the year. Everyday there are at least 10 cruises with a minimum capacity of 1000 passengers, leaving for either Eastern or Western Caribbean from Port Everglades and Ft. Lauderdale.


In order to fill the ships’ capacity, there are good Caribbean cruise deals available until the very last moment. Sometimes, it can go as low as $99 for a 7 days cruise with everything thrown in. Of course, this is something that you count on everyday. However, a good Caribbean cruise deal is easily available from $199 onwards if you want to book ahead.


Where to Book the Best Caribbean Cruise Deal


There are 2 ways to book a good Caribbean cruise deal. One way is to consult your travel agent. He or she should be able to give you the best deals on the market at any given time. The other way is to book directly with the cruise lines on the internet. There is another way to get a good Caribbean cruise deal but only if you are living in Florida. That is to wait and book the cruise on the day of departure. There are almost always some vacancies and they can be had for unbelievable prices. Again, do not count on this everyday.


Do note that each cruise ship company caters for a specific type of guests. For example; Disney cruises which cater to young families, will usually plan the ships activities, food and entertainment around those requirements. It is recommended you check out the targeted guest types before you book a cruise so you do not get stuck on with the wrong crowd, a good Caribbean cruise deal not withstanding. Have a happy Caribbean cruise vacation!