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Disney Cruise Review
Around this time, many people would go for Las Vegas Nv, where the winter is mild. The families with kids would probably book a Disney cruise package.

Disney built their first cruise ships the mid-1998 although they have been in the business for a number of ship through a tie-up with the now-defunct Premier Cruise. The Disney Cruise's two cruise ships look like the ocean liners of yesteryear (some structures like the forward steam funnel are only dummies), but they have the latest equipment and facilities that can be found in a modern cruise ship.

Disney Cruise caters particularly well to families with children. The Disney Cruise Line has gained a lot of popularity with families as well as those who do not want to mix with the casino and drink party crowd. The only shortcoming is perhaps, the variety of foods for children. However, this is a challenge for any establishment as many children are picky eaters.


There are many activities onboard to keep the kids occupied. The evening shows are fabulous. Young children under the age 18 should have a blast of a time throughout the day. To relax, head for the top deck, drink and watch a disney movie on the big screen. The pools are small but are big enough for children to play in delight.

The cruise ship, Disney Magic sails to the Caribbean Seas and Mediterranean Seas while the sister ship, Disney Wonder plys the Bahamas and Alaska route in addition to the Caribbean seas.